“...Download 200+ Profit-Pulling Professionally Written Email Newsletters that You can Copy and Paste into Your Autoresponder for an Instant Credibility and Profit Boost!”

...Finally build TRUST with your subscribers, deliver QUALITY content on hot marketing topics and instantly boost your Open-Rates, Click-Thrus, Sales and Commissions with these DONE FOR YOU relationship-building emails!...

...without EVER having to write a SINGLE word yourself!

From the desk of Dennis Mbogori
Your online teacher.

If you have been in this business for a while now and are not making the money you deserve or enough money to quit that job that you hate, I'm here to tell you what you need to do to make it in internet marketing and live the life that you deserve!

What I'm about to tell you will give you the key elements to making it online, and it all starts with something you may have been hearing about for age's now - building a list!

“The REALITY is You NEED to Build a Quality List from Day 1 to Build Your Online Business... or else You'll end up Spinning Your Wheels!...”

If I was to tell you one thing and one thing only about internet marketing, I would tell you the following: Build a list! And the reason is simple. It's a lot harder to get a new customer then it is to sell to an existing one: Fact!

It's all about control. When you have a list built you can drive traffic at will to any site you choose that is in line with what your subscribers want, and that means that you can effectively write your own pay check. Any time you want traffic, you have it there on demand without begging the search engines and PPC networks for more expensive cold traffic.

When you build your list you are creating an asset that is worth money. You are investing in your future. It's time to stop thinking short term and let your online business look after you long term.

If you are tired of watching everyone else make all of the money online and receiving promo email after promo email wishing that was YOUR product that they were selling, then you absolutely must start building a quality mailing list.

“Top Marketers Send Out Promotion Emails Every Day (even Twice a Day) Because Every Single Email is Guaranteed Profit... Isn't it Time You Took Your List More Seriously?”

Now I'm signed up to a lot of people's mailing lists, from the big boys to the little guys and I can tell you my inbox is FULL to the brim of promo email after promo email...

And guess what?...

These emails will NEVER stop coming at me or you for that matter because those emails make them money... Money as an affiliate and money as a product creator ...and people never stop buying because these guys know how to write emails that sell.

And yes... whilst you certainly can make money as an affiliate... or by manipulating the search engines with black hat techniques... or by simple blogging your heart out...

NOTHING compares to the money that you can make with your own mailing list. Period.


The simple fact of the matter is...

Building a QUALITY List Should be Your Top Priority...

Because if You Haven't got 207, 353, 546 or more People Actually CLICKING Your Emails EVERY DAY then You'll Struggle to Make Sales Online!”

List traffic is hands down the best type of traffic you'll ever send to your website or affiliate offers and undoubtely gives you the best return on your time compared to any other form of advertising.

Afterall, people who actively put their hands up and say 'yes I want to learn more from you and what you have to offer' are far more committed and likely to make a purchase from a personal email you send out, than say, from an unknown pop-up window or text ad.

Whether you like it or not, the truth is you NEED to build a RESPONSIVE list because let's face it... if you were already crushing it online you wouldn't be here on this page.


“A BIG List of 100,000 Subscribers Means Absolutely NOTHING Unless Your Readers are Actively Opening and CLICKING Your Emails!...”

What would happen if your girlfriend or boyfriend didn't contact you for weeks?...

Would you assume the relationship was over? Would you be annoyed? How quickly would you pick up the phone when they called again?

Well here's the thing. It works the same with your subscribers- you are in a relationship with them and you need to show them love!

You need to keep in contact with them and maintain the relationship to get sales. Your relationship and the quality of it is the most important thing that you have. Without it you are just another mail in their inbox waiting to get deleted.

The internet is one big bag of distractions so you need to maintain your presence in the eyes of your subscribers and keep in front of them. When you manage to keep in front to them and maintain the relationship the money will follow.


“...Cold Hard Proof that a Hyper-Responsive Email List can Bank You $569.30 a Day!... with as little as 173 CLICKS!

Note: This is a screenshot from one of our JVZoo accounts to show you what's possible when you take the time to build an active mailing list who love to open and read your emails. Whilst we cannot guarantee you the same results, you can still model off our proven system and change your financial destiny for good.

People love buying from people who they know, like and trust. Only then do you the 'right' to sell products to them. What we've built is a system that SIMPLIFIES and AUTOMATES the entire 'getting to know you and trust that you have my best interest at heart' process... so that when you are ready to launch your product or promote an affiliate offer your sales will be almost effortless.


Okay, so the Money REALLY is in the List... The REAL Question is What Are Your Options?...”

...You could grab some cheap PLR squeeze pages ...however you'll still have to re-work the content to stand out from other marketers

...You could invest in landing page software ...however the results aren't guaranteed because you've still got to come up with original sales copy and designs.

...You could continue to learn how to do this yourself ...however it will be hit and miss and progress will be frustratingly slow.

...Or you could have EVERYTHING done for you. What we're handing you are the keys to an empire of stylish high-converting list building campaigns focused on particular subjects within the marketing sphere and setting everything up for you within a matter of days!

NO need to come up with creative titles... NO need to write persuasive sales copy... ...and NO need to put together a series of autoresponder emails. Why?... Because it's all DONE for you!


“...Finally! You can Automate the Relationship-Building Process Even Whilst You Sleep... WITHOUT Having to Manually Write and Send out a Single Email!...”

You may have heard a great deal about auto-responders and maybe you're wondering why they are so important and why you need them. Well the answer is simple. They are the best way to automate the all important relationship building side of things and they will get sales for you while you are getting on with the job of finding new subscribers for your list.

When you have an auto-responder loaded with messages that are going to go out to your subscribers over the next weeks, months or year you can sit back knowing that you keeping in contact with your customers while you find new people for your list. The auto-responder is the most important bit of kit that you have in this business because it enables you to GROW and EARN MORE while you nurture and develop your best asset online i.e. your list!

...So it only makes sense that you should spend most of your time building and nurturing your list... Right? Afterall, you only need a handful of products that sells well and the rest is down to traffic. However if it was THAT easy, you've got to ask yourself... why isn't succeeding?

The reality is most marketers simple DON'T have the skills to ...


Introducing... Copy Paste Emails!

...200+ Email Newsletters Professionally Written that You can Plug 'n' Play into your Autoresponder for an Instant Boost in your Open-Rates, Click-Thrus, Sales and Commissions


What does this mean for you?... This means less time writing out emails and promoting to your list... less time thinking about what to write... and more time making commissions and sales!

Having been in the business for over over a decade we know how to do email marketing RIGHT. We know how to connect with readers, build a responsive list and write informative and interesting emails that get your readers to know, like and trust you.

The end result is more money in your pocket. Here are just a few samples of the quality content-rich emails that that we'll add to your autoresponder for you!...



“Check Out The Quality of these Emails for Yourself and See Why Your Subscribers Will NEVER Want to Miss an Email from YOU... and Take You Seriously!”


“Everything is DONE For You! ...All the Relationship-Building, List-Bonding, Pre-Selling and Cash Spewing Emails You Need ...and You Won't Have to Write a Single One!”

Why do all the hard work yourself? Why practice writing emails? Why go around looking for products to promote. It's time-consuming, it's boring, and it doesn't guarantee that it'll work!

Why not cheat a little and let us do it for you! Save your fingers from typing, save your eyes from getting soar at the computer screen, save yourself PRECIOUS time and use our Copy Paste Emails.


“Do I Have to Use the Emails You Provide?... Why Can't I Just Write My Own?

One of the biggest problems that online marketers face is picking the right products to promote. Get this part wrong and you will be scratching in the dirt for dollars while all your hard work goes down the drain.

Once you have that subscriber on your list, what you say to them is vitally important in order for them to take the action you need them to take.

You can of course go it alone and go with the trial and error method, but why not take advantage of my years of experience in marketing and developing relationships with people online? Why bother reinventing the wheel?

If you want to start making money quickly you need to follow a proven system that works and go with the words that will crank out the cash for you! Those words are contained within the messages in Copy Paste Emails.


“...Here's Why our Copy and Paste Swipe Emails Will Give You a SERIOUSLY Unfair Advantage over Every other 'Wannabe Try Hard' Marketer...”

1. You will get your very own email campaigns all set up for you and ready to go. These mails are there to build your relationship with both your subscribers and customers and to get them buying from you. These emails are crafted in such a way as to develop the rapport you will need to close the sale. The good news in though that you don't have to put in the time and effort and research to get these mails right. This is already done for you. All you need to do is cut and paste.

2. You will receive over 200 content-rich drip-fed emails that will be communicating with your subscribers on autopilot while you sleep. While you get on with the job of driving new subscribers to your website your Copy Paste Emails will be busy building that all important relationship with your new subscribers and will be generating cash for you.

3. You will be saving yourself one of the most valuable commodities that you have online - your TIME and your EFFORT. You can then forget about the guess work and hours spent crafting profitable auto-responder messages while you get on with doing something that you really enjoy like spending time with your family and friends or thinking of new ways to expand your business.

But don't just take our word for it... just listen to what some of our experienced customers have to say...


“I Have Been Marketing Online FULL-TIME for 18 Years Now... the BIGGEST Mistake I Made was NOT Building an Email List!

I have been marketing online FULL-TIME for 18 years now. Everything I learned about online marketing was through trial and error. Yes, I made a lot of money but I also lost a lot of money because I had to learn everything the hard way.

The internet back then was...learn as you go. After having some success, I took a few years off to travel the world and to spend time with my family and friends. I didn't have to worry about money because I was living off of the monthly residual income I created which was a beautiful thing.

However, when I decided to get back to online marketing again...Everything had totally changed. All the things I learned in the past was no longer working. No more top ranking on Google! No more cheap pay per click ads! All the places I once advertised for free dried up.

And the BIGGEST mistake I ever made was not building an email list. A friend of mine told me about this site and I joined immediately. Once inside the members area, I was shocked to see all the valuable content I was searching for and needing to build my business back to a six figure income.

I am now using everything I've learned here and things are turning around greatly for me in just a short period of time. If you are a complete "NEWBIE" or a seasoned professional...DON'T WASTE TIME PROCRASTINATING! START BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS THE RIGHT WAY!

- Leonard Palmer

“I have Been Trying to Make Money Online for at Least 15 Years... But I Say it's NEVER Too Late to Start and Get it Right!

I have been trying to make money online for at least 15 years. What I realize now is exactly what he's teaching me. I was impatient, didn't want to do it according to the steps in front of me, and I thought I was going to make money now. It's going to take more than what I was doing, and I hope I'm a lot smarter now.

This will give me the tools to change my attitude, and to be patient and build a business instead of expecting big things to happen. Had I done that years ago, I would have already built a business and I wouldn't have spent so much money on software and programs that I got no help with.

But I say it's never too late to start and get it right! I wish I had had this years ago (and I probably did but was too impatient to know it).

- Ramona Lee

“I've Been in the Internet Industry for Over 20 Years... This Industry Constantly Changes More than ANY Other...”

I've been in the internet industry for over 20 years and essentially done everything. I believe there's always things to learn and always ways to do things easier and better. This industry constantly changes probably more than any other industry. It is very easy to fall behind as it is impossible to know everything.

This is very well put together in a simplistic and informative format that will work for beginners to professionals like myself. One could easily spend hundreds or even thousands for the same content, which surprised me when it was so cheap. I was expecting some slapped together files of recycled content but instead have access to well thought out, well edited and well published content.

This is very well put together and very well thought out. I don't say this lightly. I've paid a lot more for a lot less MANY times. A great big five-star recommendation from me and huge kudos for doing such a great job.

- Dan Harley, Jr. Internet Marketing Consultant Apple Valley, California


Your emails are NOT just limited for newsletters either!... Far from it!...

“Here are 10 Creative Ways You Can Start Profiting from Your Swipe Emails the Moment You Download Them to Your Hard Drive!...”

1. Use as blog posts - Want to start a content-rich blog full of online marketing tips for entrepreneurs? Well now you can! Simple choose the most relevant emails for your blog and schedule them to go public on specific dates. Put together 52 posts, send out one a week and you can automate your marketing blog for an entire year!

2. Use as article content - Why not turn those blog posts into articles, add a bio link and submit them to article directories? It's an easy way to build backlinks to your site and generate traffic from multiple sources without having to write new content!

3. Compile into short reports - Simply take your emails and turn them into short 7-20 report and add your link inside. You can then use these reports as give-away incentives to build your list, submit them to eBook sharing sites, offer them with master resale and give-away rights, or offer them as bonuses to add value to existing offers. Brand your reports with your links and you'll have quality traffic coming to your site for free!

4. Convert into video articles - Want to get traffic from video sites? Use your emails as the basis to create your own 'how to' videos. You can either copy the content to slides and read aloud the content, or even talk in front of the camera and present the information like a pro! With so much content you'll be able to churn out videos for years!

5. Use as pre-sell content for affiliate recommendations - Want to educate your readers and show your experise on a topic before you recommend an offer? Use the newsletter content to create landing pages, or informative emails to get your subscribers hot for your latest promotion and you'll see a massive increase in sales.

6. Use as marketing content so affilites can promote your products - Got a product to sell but no partners to help you sell it? A big part of a product's success is in the tools you give to your affiliates. Make it easy for them to promote you through the content you give them, and in turn they'll produce sales for you.

7. Use as sales letter content - Ever written a sales letter on a topic you know little about? If you have you'll know how hard it can be. If you're stuck for ideas, why not use the emails as content filler to help you write openers and closers. Not only will it help your sales letter flow, but your prospects will appreciate the value you give and will most likely boost your conversion rates.

8. Use as soft-sell content in-between promotions - No one likes to receive email promotion every day, but at the same time you still have to turn a profit. So during those periods between promotions, send out a content email. At the end of the email you can still remind your subscribers about the latest promotion. This way your subscribers that are not ready to buy will receive value, subscribers that need reminding about your offer are reminded, whilst you turn a profit. Everyone wins!

9. Create customized email courses. Want to educate and build a strong relationship with your subscribers over time? Why not create your own mini eCourse? Instead of delivering a lesson every day on the same topic for 10 days, combine several similar topics together, spread it out every 2-3 days, and slip in a motivational email with every week. This breaks the pattern and keeps your subscribers interested.

10. Automate your list for the whole year - Take 52 emails on similar or overlapping subjects, arrange them in a progressive order, add them to your autoresponder and deliver them once per week. Your subscribers will be hooked and never want to unsubscribe!


This is the Start of Something Much BIGGER!...

With these done for you emails, not only are you delivering value to your subscribers, but you're also building trust and cultivating your list.

What does that mean for you?... Well quite simply, if you wanted to promote a new affiliate product that was just released, or your wanted to create your own product and launch it WITHOUT any help from JV partners, now you can!

You're killing two birds with one stone!

If you want a PROVEN formula to develop a profitable relationship with your list whilst building your business on auto-pilot then Copy Paste Emails IS for YOU.


“You're Getting Over $2,000 Worth of Professionally Written Profit-Producing Content Done For You ...for Mere Pennies on the Dollar!”

Here's a recap of everything you're getting when you order today...

Newsletter Topic Value
26 email newsletters on mindset, goals and focus $260.00
9 email newsletters on niche research and ideas $90.00
7 email newsletters on affiliate marketing $70.00
13 email newsletters on product creation $130.00
14 email newsletters on niche product creation and strategies $140.00
8 email newsletters on list building $80.00
7 email newsletters on email marketing tactics $70.00
7 email newsletters on copywriting $70.00
25 email newsletters on traffic and conversion optimization $250.00
7 email newsletters on sales funnels $70.00
14 email newsletters on blogging $140.00
7 email newsletters on building a social media presence $70.00
14 email newsletters on traffic generation and content creation $140.00
25 email newsletters on article writing and content creation $250.00
24 email newsletters on resale rights and private label rights $240.00
207 Email Newsletters - Total Value $2,070.00


“Your Swipe Emails are Too Valuable that it would Cost You Much More to NOT Have them in Your Business!...”

You're probably concerned that Copy Paste Emails will come with a heavy price tag but you have absolutely NOTHING to worry about. As you can imagine we always strive to provide EXCEPTIONAL value in every offer that we put together and today's offer is no different.

While this system could easily be sold as a $197 turn-key package, we're not going to go that route. We truly believe in making sure that everyone who gets involved in online marketing is brought to a certain skill level - that way we can all benefit from each other.

Even if we slapped on a $97 price tag, there will be a good handful of seasoned marketers who will grab it without a second thought because they can already see the real value in the content and know that they can make their money back with just a few sales.

However we want to make sure that EVERYONE is able to afford this, WITHOUT attracting freebie seekers who will abuse this system and do nothing with it. So to keep things to a happy-medium you'll be able to secure Copy Paste Emails for the incredibly cheap price of just $37. Yes that's it!

• That's $37 to have over 200 high quality emails written for you which would otherwise cost you over $2,000 if outsourced from scratch...
• $37 to have emails automatically building a bond for you...
• $37 to have an organized and finely-tuned email sequence that is logical and works...
• $37 to have products passively promoted that actually sell and turn a profit...
• $37 to save yourself from weeks and months of experimenting and not getting any real results to show for it!...
• $37 to have absolute piece of mind that you don't have to go through the creative writing process all by yourself with no one to help you...
• $37 to enable you to earn commission as high as $75 per sale for a single product, and as much as $1,500 for the lifetime of your referrals...
• $37 to have an ever growing list of followers who actually like reading your emails and won't hesitate to purchase other products from you...

With all that in mind, doesn't parting with 37 bucks just seem almost silly compared to the hassle and frustration you'd have to go through if you did it alone?

• You won't have to spend hours writing emails
• You won't have to spend days/weeks even months testing your email campaign
• You won't have to hire a copy-writer to craft the emails for you
• You won't have to put in so much effort for such a little return
• And you'll definitely save yourself a LOT of fustration in the long run.


Now doesn't that sound fair? And to sweeten the deal...

Your Investment Today is Protected by Our 30 Day ‘Make More Sales’ Guarantee!

If You Don't See a Noticeable Improvement in Your Click-Thrus, Open Rates and Sales After Building Your List for 30 Days Using Our Emails We'll Refund You In Full. No Questions Asked.

Copy Paste Emails is designed to take you as a green newbie or experienced marketer and develop rapport with your subscribers from day one. We put countless hours into creating a content-rich email campaign that you can profit from.

As a proud owner of Copy Paste Emails we're backing your investment today with a very bold guarantee. We'll give you a full 30 days to test out our emails. If you don't don't see an improvement in your click-thrus, open rates and sales after building your list for 30 days then we'll refund you in full, and we'll even allow you to keep the entire package!

We're willing to invest countless hours researching, brainstorming and creating these powerful email campaigns for you and STILL give you the opportunity to 'test drive' it just to prove to yourself that you can indeed turn a profit using our products. This way all the risk is placed on us and lose nothing. In fact you're more likely to gain subscribers and sales as a result!

So the real question is are you ready to build your list and start making sales? We think so! You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much more to gain... and honestly if you're committed to building your list, you'll be too busy getting new leads and sending out promotion emails and making sales!


Secure Your Order Now and Download 200+ Profit-Pulling Professionally Written Email Newsletters that You can Copy and Paste into Your Autoresponder for an Instant Credibility and Profit Boost!”

...Finally build TRUST with your subscribers, deliver QUALITY content on hot marketing topics and instantly boost your Open-Rates, Click-Thrus, Sales and Commissions with these DONE FOR YOU relationship-building emails! ...without EVER having to write a SINGLE word yourself!

Grand Total $2,070
Regular Price $47

Download 200+ Profit-Pulling Copy Paste Emails for Just $17
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To Your Success! Dennis Mbogori
Your online teacher passionate to helping you succeed!

Dennis has a passion for internet marketing with plenty of experience and a growing knowledge of the industry. His dedication to pushing the boundaries and constantly improving means Dennis is comitted to helping you grow your online business and achieve real tangible results that you can be proud of. If you have any pre-sale questions about this product, please contact admin@listbuildermachine.com for help and support and your questions will be answered you as soon as possible.


P.S. List building is here to stay. Now you'll be able to join the ranks of the guru's and have your own hyper-active massively profitable asset that will continue to secure your online income for many years!

It's not every day that an opportunity like this comes around but when it does, you need to take DECISIVE ACTION. Once you start using Copy Paste Emails you are going to feel a whole new level of achievement that will fuel you to succeed even more!

Secure your order now in complete confidence, get immediate access to the members area and start making these emails work for you.